Cumberland Valley Race Series
2017 Cumberland Valley Race Series

Cumberland Valley Race Series

The Cumberland Valley Race Series is a yearlong competition consisting of events held throughout the Cumberland Valley.  The Series is administered by Timber Hill Technology Solutions, LLC and the races are timed by Timber Hill Timing.  The Cumberland Valley Race Series is made possible by a partnership with the Cumberland Valley Visitors BureauEach race is independent with its own prizes and award categories and benefits a local charity.  Anyone entering an event will be automatically entered into the Cumberland Valley Race Series.  Each race earns you points for series prizes.  There are prize categories for individuals and teams. 


Anyone entering a Cumberland Valley Race Series event will awarded points and will be listed in the series standings for the individual categories.  There is no minimum number of events that you’re required to enter but the more events you enter the more points you will accumulate.

Volvo Corporate Team Challenge

The Volvo Corporate Team Challenge is a friendly competition among teams vying for a traveling trophy. The trophy can be displayed by the winning team until the next year’s winner is determined. Teams will represent a business, non-profit organization or a government agency.  Teams can be any mix of male and female.  Members of a team must be employees or family members of employees. Non-profit team members can also be volunteers or donors. All of the team members that participate in each race will count as a point toward the team’s score. The top three age graded percentages among the team members will be added together to determine the teams score.  Points will accumulate through the year. The team with the most points after the final event being awarded the trophy. There are no minimum number of events your team must compete in but the more you do the more points your team will accumulate.

Points Categories

Points will be awarded for Performance, Participation and Travel for each competitive event that you start.  If you run in two races at the same event, i.e. the 5k and the 15k at the Race, Run, Ride and Ramble, you will receive performance points for both races but only receive participation and travel points once for the event.  If the event is non-competitive, i.e. the 30k bike ride at the Race, Run, Ride and Ramble, no points will be awarded.  Points will only be automatically awarded if you have a recorded place for the event.  If you start but did not complete an event you can still receive Participation and Travel points if you contact us and you are recorded as Did Not Finish (DNF)

Performance points will be awarded based on your place in the race.  One goal of the series is increase participation in the smaller races so every race will be treated equality in awarding performance points. The number of points awarded for 1st place in a 50 person race will be the same as a 500 person race.  Different award categories will calculate your place differently.  Your overall gender place as you actually finished will be used for the Overall Male and Female Category.  Your gender place based upon your age adjusted time will be used for the Age Graded Male and Female Category and your age graded performance level will be used to crown the Grand Champions.

Place 1 2 3 4 5 1st 20% not in top 5 2nd 20% 3rd 20% 4th 20% 5th 20%
Points 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

Participation points will be awarded for participating in an event. The series will reward you for entering more events.  Everyone will receive 10 points for entering an event.  These points will be added to the percentage of the total events you have entered.  For example if the series has 10 events and you are entering your 7th event, your 10 participation points will be added to 70% or 70 points.  You would earn 80 participation points for that event.  You could receive the maximum 110 points for the final event if you had entered all the events in the series.

Travel points will be awarded based the distance traveled from your home to the location of the race.  This is to encourage you to travel to out of town races and to support the mission of Cumberland Valley Visitor Bureau, a primary sponsor of Cumberland Valley Race Series, of attracting visitors to the Cumberland Valley.  The distance will be based upon the zip code of your race registration to the zip code of the race location.   Each zip code has a latitude and longitude of the geographic center of the zip code assigned to it.  The two set of latitudes and longitudes will be used to calculate a straight line distance between the two points and used as the travel distance.  This distance will equal the number of points awarded.  If no zip code is provided on the race entry then no travel points will be awarded.  A maximum of 100 travel points will be awarded for an individual race.

Award Categories

  • Grand Champions – Top 20 (mixed male and female based on the Age Graded Performance level)
  • Single Best Age Graded Performance
  • Overall Male - Top 5
  • Overall Female - Top 5
  • Volvo Team Challenge

Age Graded Performance. In lieu of traditional age groups, the Cumberland Valley Race Series will base our age awards using your age graded performance.  The places in each race will be recalculated based upon an age adjusted time.  Age adjusted times are calculated from age grading tables developed by WMA (World Masters Athletics).  The Age Grading tables correct an athlete's time to what it would have been (or will be) in their prime years, regardless of the athlete's current age. The adjustment factors in the tables are based on the world’s best performances at each age compared to Open Class world records in those events.  That time is then compared to the Open Class world record giving a relative standard percentage.  The places will then be recalculated using this percentage without using age or gender. Click here for more on Age Grading

Scoring Example

The 2012 ArtSHIP 10k had 143 finishers. You are 58 years old and finished in a time of 57:09 and 84th place overall and 39th place female. 

  • The finish is in the 2nd 20% female and 40 Overall points.
  • Your Age Graded Performance Level was 66.75% and 7th place, a 1st 20% finish for 50 grand champion points.
  • Your age adjusted time was 45:28 making you 3rd age adjusted female and 80 age adjusted points.
  • This was the 3rd event that you participated in out of the 13 events or 23%.  10 + (100 * 23%) = 33 points.
  • The race was held in zip code 17257 (Shippensburg) and you live in 17202 (Chambersburg) for 13 travel points.

Award Category Performance Participation Travel Total
Overall 40 33 13 86
Grand Champion 50 33 13 96
Age Adjusted 80 33 13 126

2017 Cumberland Valley Race Series Leaders
Award CategoryNamePoints
Age GradeRon Slozat1694
Overall FemaleVikki McKane-Dent1113
Overall MaleHans Meurer1305
Single Best Age GradeSteve Spence90.28%
14 of 14 events completed 
Upcoming CV Race Series Events - 2
21Race, Run, Ride & RambleRegister Online Location
16Solstice 10k & 5kRegister Online Location
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